Plymouth and the surrounding areas of Devon is a huge prospect for commercial developments and hence, offices always look for a better opening and position. However, moving an office within Plymouth and the surrounding areas of Devon can be a stressful task if there is not a proper packaging and transportation service involved. That is the reason why we, at W McMullin & Sons, with over 120 years of experience we aim to deliver the most skilled and professional removals solutions.

The most difficult task of any office move is the time span that is between the departure from the old address to the time when you become completely operational once again. And storing the materials in between this time is something that makes it extremely troublesome. However, we, at W McMullin & Sons, take care of this and can store any item of any size until you are ready to unload it.

Our office removals in Plymouth is a service that is designed for our clients benefits. We know how much time and difficulty one has to go through while moving an office which is why we assure absolutely no fuss and maximum efficiency in the entire process. We are the most reliable group of removal services you can trust and hire, you are guaranteed a complete and trustworthy service without having to administrate the move.

Office Removals in Plymouth
Business Removals in Plymouth

For the assurance that there is no difficulty in the packaging process, we always place a skilled professional with the task of packaging so that they are safely handled and to make sure that you do not have to take on the job yourselves. Our service will give you the opportunity to focus on more important matters and not in the physical process of the move.

We understand that an office infrastructure can have different kinds of articles and elements from electronic and IT goods and also important documents, furniture and stationeries. We have different packing solutions for each one of them to make sure that there is no possibility of anything to be damaged. Not only packing them, but also to assure their safety, we take proper precautions.

We use high quality plastic crates with interlocking lids and also high quality adhesive tapes to assure that there is no possibility of the materials and items to be damaged. For the estimation of the space that it will take to transport the goods and determine the right vehicle, our skilled professionals will run through every inch of detail for yourselves regarding the entire process. For the most efficient consultation, and absolutely free of cost please get in contact with us.

What makes us different from the others is that we assist you through the entire process till you are in an operational condition. Not only till the unloading of the items, but also in the process of placing them properly as per the floor plan of the new building. Call us today for a free consultation and arrange a move when your office hours are over, so that your business is not hampered.



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